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 Scent Striker — Turbo Charge Your Bait Set-ups.

 Scent Striker — Turbo Charge Your Bait Set-ups.

Fish smell prey.

Use Scent to Catch More Fish!

The Scent Striker advantage:

  • Patented design holds scent galore.
  • A hollow center lets you string Scent Striker anywhere on your leader or line.
  • Colorful and tough, this lure attracts fish and lasts bite after bite.
  • Designed and field tested in the world-class salmon and halibut waters of Southeast Alaska.
  • Awarded Editors’ Choice Best Fishing Tackle 2021 by Fish Alaska Magazine.
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Scent Striker is Alaska Based & Tested

Scent Striker® fishing lures allow you to add tailored scents to any lure bait set-up and lay down a scent and taste trail more effectively when fishing.

Scent Striker’s hollow center means you can string it anywhere on your line or leader, and in combination with any of your favorite lures. Scent Striker’s colorful fiber body holds an ample amount of your favorite scent product and concentrates that scent where you need it most – right at your hook!

Available in Original, Untrimmed, or Fob versions, you’ll be ready on the water with Scent Striker in your tackle box.

Scent Striker® is a new patented entry into the fishing lure marketplace, designed and tested in the world-class salmon and halibut fishing waters of Southeast Alaska.

And NEW for the 2022 fishing season, Scent Striker presents DBS Striker Formula Fish Attractant, now available for purchase online.

Scent Striker

How it works

Scent Striker’s hollow center means you can string it anywhere on your line or leader combined with your favorite lures and scents.

Scent Striker

Fishing Tales

Read about how Scent Striker has improved catch rates for Alaskan salmon and halibut anglers

Scent Striker

Land Yours

Shop our selection of Alaska-tested long-lasting scented fishing lures. Don’t delay giving yourself the advantage you deserve.

Shop Scent Striker and DBS Striker Formula Now!

Scent Striker® adds a colorful, durable, and odor-initiating bait to all your action lures. The fiber body comes in color choices that notoriously produce the most strikes. These fishing lures are tough and once it is tied into your set-up, it holds up bite after bite. The only thing you have to do is periodically recharge it with your favorite scent such as our NEW DINNER BELL SMELL STRIKER FORMULA. Long lasting, Scent Striker lures keep your gear in the water where you need it most.


Scent Striker® holds and then distributes scent oils and gels that leave an odor trail leading fish to your lure. Simply help yourself add the full spectrum of fish enticing – “Here fishy…Come and Bite me” to all your fishing tackle!

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